Environmental Stuff

Taking care of our planet is really important to me and I am always looking for ways to make my little business even greener. Currently, this includes:

-Using recycled jewellery materials

I use silver clay to make my silver jewellery, which offers a more eco-friendly alternative by using reclaimed silver instead of newly mined metal. I also use reclaimed wire to make my copper jewellery.

-Using green packaging

I use jewellery gift boxes and paper tape made from recyled materials by Eco-Craft

I also use their bio-degradable plant-based cello sleeves to package prints and cards. Where possible, I re-use clean padded envelopes to save more single-use plastic going out into the world and after my current stocks are used up, I will be upgrading to recyclable, plastic-free, paper padded mailing envelopes.

-Working from home

I work from a room in my home rather than from a separate studio, so saving on natural resources by not using extra heating etc.


I take my orders to the local post office on foot instead of by car, which reduces my carbon footprint a bit and keeps me fit too!